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SUCCESSFUL | Welcome to YPB Streetwear Factory

Do you ever think about who have made the clothes you are wearing everyday? Meet the creator, YPB Factory team. The people who work tirelessly to give you the high quality product.

YPB Factory has been established since 2017. We're known as a young and revolutionary generation of clothing manufacturer with "out of box" mindset. 

We're a team of artistic garment manufacturer for leading worldwide blank clothing and streetwear apparel.

Producing & Selling All Types Of Garments

Blank Garment, Jeans, Clothing Set, Jacket, T-shirt, Hoodie, Sweatsuit, Tracksuit, Track/Sweat/Jogger/Cargo Pants, Hat, Beanies, Tote Bag, Sandals, Belt, Bag, and more…All we need is your photos or ideas. 


One-Stop Solution To Produce Your Fashion

FABULOUS | We design, mock up and produce. We cut, sew, tech-pack, print, embroidery, rhinestone...all types of trendy and luxury streetwear.  All are in one service. Our team who have our own tales of love for what we do and we are dedicated to supplying you with the best quality clothing wear.

Years Of Experiences and Profession Clothing Factory

BELIEVABLE | With years of knowledge and experiences in producing clothes. We have chance to engage and collaborate with sum of famous brands in many countries. We don't only want to spread our professional and high quality works throughout the world, we also want to bring you the reliable clothing products with all what you need for.

Our mission

Your Fashion. Our Passion

TACTICAL | In order to break the limited barrier between you and us. We offer global shipping with tracking just only 3 to 4 days. Beside we sell our high standard of blank clothing and trendy streetwear, we also offer you wholesale apparallel producing and manufacturing service with tactical works. We're willing to make samples before official production as well. We care about what makes you feel hesitated. 

Our Thought

Join YPB FACTORY's Journey. Let's get to works now.

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